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Working from home - Is it working for you?

The pandemic brought immense changes to our practices. Whether we are hospital or clinic-based, many of us are working more hours at home. While this may not always entail video-based clinics, we are having more meetings online.

Though many of us are happy to reduce our commutes, there have been challenges with working from home. 

In our two-physician household with four children, things can get hectic. Along the way, we’ve learned a few useful bits of wisdom:

  1. Let things slide - While we always strive to create a zoom-worthy home office, we remind ourselves that this is our house. The kids’ artwork and toys are a part of our busy, happy home. We aren’t about to upturn the household to project an image of something we aren’t. 
  2. Try the phone - It’s natural to feel cramped in an office chair all day. We evolved as bipeds to walk and talk - so go with it! Instead of another video chat and all the presentation that it requires, do a phone call...
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