Physician Empowerment Live Conference 2023

Wealth Creation and Real Estate for Busy Physicians


Toronto, May 6th and 7th, 2023


Now more than ever, doctors in Canada are facing financial pressure:
Rising inflation and fees that don’t keep up.
Tax increases.
Threats to professional corporations.

But there remain many opportunities to convert your high income into real wealth. Let us show you the strategies used by the wealthy to preserve and grow their assets regardless of market conditions or the broader economy.


Financial Freedom 

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

This 2-day Conference will teach you everything you need to know to get out of debt for good and build intergenerational wealth you can be proud of. You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate passive income that rivals your clinical earnings. 
  • Save more in your practice and personal life.
  • Optimize your tax efficiency.

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart money practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.


Conference Agenda

Rainy Lake Meeting Room at The Rostie Group, WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 11th Floor Toronto, Ontario Canada M5J 2N8


Day One



9 AM - 11 AM

Diagnosing the Issues

  • The Real Definition of Wealth 
  • Wealth Mindsets
  • "Why?” is the most important question you need to be asking about your finances.
  • You As the Most Important Investment


11 AM to 2PM

(with lunch from noon to 1 PM) 

Playing Offense

  • Investing During a Recession
  • Real Estate is Incredible
  • Introduction to Asset Classes


2 PM - 4 PM

Playing Defense

  • The Secrets of Practice Transformation
  • Spending Less: Doctors without Limits
  • Keeping More: Advanced Tax Planning Strategies


4 PM - 5 PM

Open Panel Discussion

Open discussions with Wing, Kevin, and Dimitre on wealth creation, public market trading, real estate, and practice management.


6 PM - 9 PM

Saturday Evening Dinner

  • The Sapphire Room at the InterContinental Toronto Centre 
  • 225 Front Street West, Toronto


Day Two

SUNDAY MAY 7, 2023


9 AM - 10 AM

Wellness Wealth

Managing the Occupational Hazard of Burnout with Dr. Nour Khatib


10 AM - 11 AM

"Ask the Doctors"

Physician panel discussion featuring Nour Khatib, Yatin Chadha, and Wing Lim.


11 AM - 12 PM

"Ask the Specialists"


Experts in tax planning, portfolio management, real estate, & financing.

Get the most out of your conference access to high-level financial and tax consultants who bill out at hundreds of dollars per hour.

Wing leads a panel on pertinent tax, insurance, and investing issues every physician should be looking at. 

 Jason Pisesky. Top tax lawyer with international accounting firm KPMG.

Goran Ogar. Business development consultant and insurance specialist for UHN clients.

Michael Byrne. Coach in personal financial and business development.

Brennan Carson. Portfolio manager and certified financial analyst.

Gaurav Sobti. CPA, real estate professional, and commercial lending broker.


12 PM to 1 PM - Lunch 


1 PM - 2 PM

Panel Discussion: Building a True Pension Style Portfolio for Retirement  

Featuring Michael Byrne and Brennan Carson

Learn to the key strategies of intergenerational wealth employed by pension funds and family offices.


2 PM - 3 PM

Panel Discussion: Advanced Real Estate Strategies and Syndication

Featuring Wing Lim and Gaurav Sobti

Whether it is owning a few “doors” or investing in multimillion-dollar developments, real estate is one of the most powerful wealth-creation vehicles in history.

But as a busy physician, you don’t have time to deal with direct ownership. Your time is worth too much. Instead, we’ll show you how to practically access many different opportunities in real estate using the advantages you possess through incorporation.


3 PM -  4 PM

Next Steps

Make 2023 a year of change in your financial life! 

Begin to develop your own concrete strategies  to:

1) optimize your practice

2) reduce your personal and corporate tax burden

3) generate real investment returns that beat inflation




Physician Empowerment Live Conference 2023

General Admission Ticket

Only $895



Non-Physican Spouse Ticket

Only $150




At PHE, we're so confident that you'll love our events, we offer a 100% no-hassle refund. If you have attended the whole event and are unsatisfied, simply email us your feedback and we will refund 100% of your conference fees



Requests more than 30 days prior to our event carry a full refund less $100 administration fee. - Cancellations requested less than 30 days prior to our events carry a 50% refund.

Key Speakers & Expert Panel 

Dr. Kevin Mailo

Kevin is an Emergency Physician who brings nearly two decades of experience as a top-rated educator through his uniquely entertaining approach. With strong returns in real estate and the public markets, Kevin enjoys financial security that has allowed him to begin working part-time before his tenth year in practice – and freely raising his four beautiful children.

For Kevin, money isn’t about consumer spending, it’s about building our best personal lives and ensuring we are practicing our best medicine. His dream is to see every Canadian physician enjoying personal financial security.

Dr. Wing Lim

Dr. Wing is Family Physician based in Edmonton with a practice-focus in care of the elderly.

But Wing’s story is incredible: he started as a struggling solo-practitioner and went on to become a real estate developer who executed over $100 million in new construction – including one of Canada’s largest independent clinical facilities – Synergy Medical.

Wing inspires with not only his practical application of knowledge but the wisdom acquired through his decades of personal financial learning.


Dr. Nour Khatib

Nour is Toronto-based emergency physician who holds both a finance degree and MBA. She is an engaging communicator and a leading expert at helping healthcare professionals  mitigate burnout so they can find passion in their profession again.  Before embarking in her path to medicine, Nour was a financial analyst for Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Dr. Dimitre Ranev

Dimitre is a Family Physician in Ottawa and Gatineau specializing in sexual health and general medicine.

With a successful background in stocks, metals, and crypto, Dimitre knows the public markets and diversified asset classes.

Dr. Yatin Chadha

Dr. Yatin Chadha is a Toronto-based radiologist and founder of the wildly successful podcast Beyond MD. Yatin is passionate about the financial well-being of our profession and will be joining us as a panelist.

Jason Pisesky

Jason is a tax lawyer with international accounting firm, KPMG. His practice background is extensive and includes personal and corporate tax-planning as well as litigation and dispute resolution. Whether you are scaling up your practice or winding it down, proper coordination between a tax lawyer and your accountant can ensure you're doing it right.

Goran Ogar

Goran is a financial strategist highly recognized for his unique command of complex financial issues including corporate taxation and succession planning.

A serial entrepreneur, Goran has started or developed businesses across multiple industries from real estate, environmental companies, resources, and hospitality. His business activities ranged from start-ups and initial fundraising to public company mergers and acquisitions.

Gaurav Sobti

Gaurav brings top-tier experience from an extensive background in private equity and lending.

He has conducted hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial lending transactions. And previously, he was part of a team overseeing a $3B portfolio for a major public sector pension fund.

Gaurav is a licensed mortgage associate through RECA and commercial mortgage brokering is conducted through Create Commercial Mortgage Services.

Michael Byrne

Michael is a business coach with an extensive background in tax-planning and insurance solutions for high net worth clients. He strives to ensure clients are taking the long-view of the finances and are optimally tax efficient.