Physician Empowerment Live Conference 2024

Wealth Creation and Real Estate for Busy Physicians


Toronto, May 25th and 26th, 2024


Financial Freedom 

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This is about living better...

Happier, healthier, and less stressed. 


Our two-day conference provides the fundamentals of how high net worth Canadians create intergenerational wealth through:

  • real estate and private equity
  • robust passive income
  • advanced tax planning

Conference Agenda

Rainy Lake Meeting Room at The Rostie Group

WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 11th Floor Toronto


And... claim your CME credits via self-reporting exercises


Day One



9am to 4pm with lunch from noon to 1pm 

True Fundamentals

What is True Wealth?

Wealth Mindsets

"Why?‚ÄĚ is the most important question you need to be asking about your finances.

The Three T's of Success: Time, Talent, and Treasure

Playing Defense

Spending, Budgeting & Debt Management

Keeping More: Advanced Tax Planning Strategies

360 Financial Diagnostic & Roadmap

Financial Alignment with Your Spouse


Playing Offense

Introduction to Asset Classes

Navigating Economic cycles

Real Estate Basics

Due Diligence

Secrets of Leverage

Demystifying Lending



Saturday Evening Dinner

Included in your fees, this is one of the highlights of our annual gathering!

Join us for great food, laughter, and community. 

Time and venue TBA


Day Two

SUNDAY MAY 26, 2024


9am to 4pm with lunch from noon to 1pm 


The Secrets of Practice Transformation

The 5 Levels of Leadership

The Origin of Leadership


A Better You

Dr. Michelle Jackman Physician coach and founder of CoFrame Coaching with Dr. Angie Hong


"Ask the Doctors"

Panel discussion featuring leading physicians Yatin Chadha, Michelle Jackman, Angie Hong, Dimitre Ranev, and Kevin Mailo 


"Ask the Specialists"


Panel Discussion 1: Navigating the DRAT Jungle

Featuring Cherry Chan, Jason Pisesky, Simon Wong, Nick Giovannetti & Wing Lim

Debt, Risk, Asset & Tax are 4 giant jungles that every physician needs to venture through, each full of tricks & traps.  Learn practical tips & hacks that you can rely on throughout your financial journey.


Panel Discussion 2: Advanced Real Estate Strategies and Syndication

Featuring Wing Lim and Gaurav Sobti

Interest rates & costs soar while rental control & regulations tighten: real estate investing becomes¬†ever more challenging - especially for the average ‚Äúmom & pop‚ÄĚ holdings. Learn how seasoned real estate professionals prevail with untold axioms, game rules & practices


Next Steps:  Open Discussion




Break out and start living better! 



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Physician Empowerment Live Conference May 25-26, 2024

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2024 Conference Speakers

Dr. Kevin Mailo

Kevin is an ER doctor with nearly two decades of experience as a top-rated educator through his uniquely entertaining approach.

With a background in real estate, Kevin enjoys financial security allowing him to reduce his hours in invest in what truly matters - health and family. 

For Kevin, wealth isn’t about consumer spending.

Financial security allows us to thrive personally and professionally. His dream is to see every Canadian physician enjoying financial security.

Dr. Wing Lim

Dr. Wing is Family Physician based in Edmonton with a practice-focus in care of the elderly.

But Wing’s story is incredible: he started as a struggling solo-practitioner and went on to become a real estate developer who executed over $100 million in new construction – including one of Canada’s largest independent clinical facilities – Synergy Medical.

Wing inspires with not only his practical application of knowledge but the wisdom acquired through his decades of personal financial learning.


Dr. Yatin Chadha

Dr. Yatin Chadha is a Toronto-based radiologist and founder of the wildly successful podcast Beyond MD. Yatin is passionate about the financial well-being of our profession and will be joining us as a panelist.

Cherry Chan, CPA

Accountant and published author, Cherry Chan is one of Canada's leading authorities in tax planning in real estate investing.

Dr. Michelle Jackman

Michelle is a Calgary-based pediatric obesity specialist. Building on years in medical leadership, she has now become a certified coach - helping colleagues achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Dr. Angie Hong

Angie is a family physician with expertise in Obesity Medicine. Certified by the globally-recognized ICF, she is a personal development coach who works with physicians and career professionals to make high-impact and meaningful change in their lives.

Masterclass Faculty 

Gaurav Sobti, CPA

Gaurav brings top-tier experience from an extensive background in private equity and lending.

He has conducted hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial lending transactions. And previously, he was part of a team overseeing a $3B portfolio for a major public sector pension fund.

Gaurav is a licensed mortgage associate through RECA and commercial mortgage brokering is conducted through Create Commercial Mortgage Services.

Jason Pisesky

Jason is a tax lawyer with international accounting firm, KPMG. His practice background is extensive and includes personal and corporate tax-planning as well as litigation and dispute resolution. Whether you are scaling up your practice or winding it down, proper coordination between a tax lawyer and your accountant can ensure you're doing it right.

Simon Wong, MBA

As an Integrated Wealth Planner, Simon's expertise lies in simplifying complex financial concepts into clear, actionable insights, forming the cornerstone of his Financial Plans. 

Simon specializes in navigating individuals and businesses through the intricate landscape of tax planning and investing, utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience to foster their financial success and stability.

Nick Giovannetti, CFP

Nick is a Certified Financial Planner¬ģ with a fully Integrated Wealth Planning Team. My approach to financial planning centers around a deep understanding of clients' goals and objectives, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and transparency.