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What are the 3Qs that determine life success?

The academic and professional worlds measure success almost exclusively on IQ (a.k.a. Scholastic Intelligence) with yardsticks like:

  • GPAs 
  • degrees, 
  • titles, 
  • academic positions, and; 
  • publications in esteemed peer-reviewed Journals.

However, the real world measures success very differently. 

For example, the bank does not care about your GPA or having “more degrees than a thermometer” after your name. 

Instead, the bank grades you by:

  • Credit Score (TDS/GDS), 
  • Net Worth (Personal vs. Corporate), 
  • Retained Earnings, and;
  • Multiples of Earnings (of a Practice/ Business).

Have you ever heard of “the A students teaching the B students to work for the C students?” 

Regardless of careers or spheres of influence, the above statement rings true.

So, what do the C students possess more than the A & B students?

  • EQ- Emotional Quotient
  • RQ - Relationship Quotient
  • AQ - Adversity Quotient

The calculations of these other...

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