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True focus is the secret to your success

Years ago, I attended a seminar on focus, wondering what the big deal was and how someone could be a “focus specialist”. 


The speaker started by asking how many key roles the audience had in their lives. He started at three, then kept counting upwards. I held my hand high up until the count was done, secretly feeling quite proud of how versatile and important I must have been. 




It turned out that the higher the count the less focused and more scattered you are! 


According to the focus specialist, the maximum count should be three!


We’ve all experienced a good sunburn, but a convex lens can focus the same energy into a powerful beam that lights up a match!  (I guess that’s why we use the term “laser-focused”.)


For anyone who was recognized or remembered in history, it was always about one big idea, or one salient thing they did, not a bunch of different things (eg Ray...

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