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You are either growing or dying

#growth #self care May 27, 2021

Every living organism, organ, or cell is either in the process of growing or dying, nothing in between. Even homeostasis is a balance of anabolism and catabolism.


The same holds true for us personally: we’re either growing or dying every day -- either Personal Growth or Personal Death.


What are the signs of growth? 


Freshness, fragrance, life vigour, enthusiasm, addition, multiplication, creativity, innovation, encouragement, passion...


What are the signs of Death/Dying/Rotting? 

Dullness, stagnancy, wilting, withering, stench, reminiscence (“the good old days”), crankiness, whining, complaining, blaming, scapegoating, vengeance, spitefulness, jealousy, cynicism, “excusitis”...


Organizations are also either growing or dying, as there is no such thing as status quo. Your practice, department, or board is also either growing or dying.


Since an organization is ultimately a reflection of its leadership,...

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