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Working from home - Is it working for you?

household pandemic work from home Feb 25, 2021

The pandemic brought immense changes to our practices. Whether we are hospital or clinic-based, many of us are working more hours at home. While this may not always entail video-based clinics, we are having more meetings online.

Though many of us are happy to reduce our commutes, there have been challenges with working from home. 

In our two-physician household with four children, things can get hectic. Along the way, we’ve learned a few useful bits of wisdom:

  1. Let things slide - While we always strive to create a zoom-worthy home office, we remind ourselves that this is our house. The kids’ artwork and toys are a part of our busy, happy home. We aren’t about to upturn the household to project an image of something we aren’t. 
  2. Try the phone - It’s natural to feel cramped in an office chair all day. We evolved as bipeds to walk and talk - so go with it! Instead of another video chat and all the presentation that it requires, do a phone call with an earpiece and microphone and get walking! Pace in your home or step outdoors. 
  3. Laugh more - I was recently on an important business call when my four-year-old loudly insisted I keep her company as she ran to the bathroom and chatted my other ear off. We all laughed. Try and remind yourself that you are not the only one with struggles working from home. Pay it forward when you are on call with a patient or colleague who might be dealing with their own chatty mini-executive. 
  4. Take more time - Set realistic expectations of what you can achieve while working from home. Even without children, working from home carries not only distractions but barriers to decisions and actions. Walking down the hall to quickly ask your colleague a question is going to get your answer faster than waiting for a reply via text or email. Aim to set realistic expectations of what you can achieve in the hours you’ve allotted. But try not to extend your working hours where they can encroach on personal time.