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What are the 3Qs that determine life success?

degrees grading measure of success medical professionals quotients Mar 04, 2021

The academic and professional worlds measure success almost exclusively on IQ (a.k.a. Scholastic Intelligence) with yardsticks like:

  • GPAs 
  • degrees, 
  • titles, 
  • academic positions, and; 
  • publications in esteemed peer-reviewed Journals.

However, the real world measures success very differently. 

For example, the bank does not care about your GPA or having “more degrees than a thermometer” after your name. 

Instead, the bank grades you by:

  • Credit Score (TDS/GDS), 
  • Net Worth (Personal vs. Corporate), 
  • Retained Earnings, and;
  • Multiples of Earnings (of a Practice/ Business).

Have you ever heard of “the A students teaching the B students to work for the C students?” 

Regardless of careers or spheres of influence, the above statement rings true.

So, what do the C students possess more than the A & B students?

  • EQ- Emotional Quotient
  • RQ - Relationship Quotient
  • AQ - Adversity Quotient

The calculations of these other quotients are the same as IQ, e.g., EQ = Actual Age of Emotional Intelligence / Biological Age x 100

So, a 30-year-old person responding emotionally like a 15-year-old has an EQ of 50!

Have you ever seen any medical professionals with high academic standings acting like a teenager when they’re upset, or things don’t go their way?

Like the PHQ9 or IPSS scores filled before visits, if your patients were to fill the 3Q scores on you, what would the results be? 

How about from your colleagues? Subordinates? Spouse? Kids? Students? Residents?

Like it or not, your staff is an extension of you.  Your patients do rank you based on the 3Q scores of your staff! So, watch out for barracuda-receptionists!

How can we up our 3Q’s amongst our busy schedules?

A good starting place is to dive into some articles on the 3Qs (and other emerging Qs) that are relevant to your everyday practice and social life. 

When they say, “Mind your Ps and Qs,” they mean it!