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Relationships matter

Dec 16, 2021

I’ve previously spoken of the power of narrative in our lives.

By sharing wisdom and experience, we gain understanding that is invaluable yet overlooked in our world of constant knowledge acquisition.

Perhaps one of the most important ways to grow personally and professionally is to have mentors.

People often have a mistaken belief that mentorship—especially in the professional realm—should be formal and involve meetings and specific objectives.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mentors are simply folks in our lives who share their wisdom and experience. They may not even have any specific guidance for us. They speak and we grow as we internalize what they are saying.

The next time you are mentoring someone or receiving some good guidance, make that conscious effort to practice gratitude and celebrate the moment. Not just on the issue at hand, but on the simple fact that you have that depth of relationship with someone.

Do you have an example of an amazing mentor or mentee relationship you’d like to share?