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The power of narrative

Dec 02, 2021

With limitless information on our phones, our world is filled with opportunities to learn knowledge.

But knowledge isn’t the same as wisdom.

Wisdom speaks to our own circumstances. It forces us to ask the most important question in our lives: the why?

Wisdom comes from experience.

And while we grow throughout our own lives, it is important to recognize the power of narrative to transform us.

Narrative is the telling of our personal or collective stories. This can be as formal as the wisdom of an ancient spiritual teaching or as relaxed as a chat with a colleague.

In these dialogues, we access another’s past experiences – their struggles, triumphs, and insights.

Looking at your busy week ahead, find space to access wisdom. Start reading a great book or call and old friend or loved one.

Was there a time or moment when you accessed wisdom in an unconventional or surprising way?