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Are you feeling energized or overwhelmed in your work?

Jan 20, 2022

I mentioned in a previous blog post that everything we do in life either increases or diminishes our life energy.

Therefore it is crucial that we constantly reflect on how we spend our time. Even what we allow our thoughts to drift to.

Our careers are nuanced in this regard.

We all have elements of the job that are less desirable.

Ideally, however, we should be feeling energized in our work. It is great for us and our patients.

But if one is not at that place, then it is crucial we deeply reflect on why.

And here is where I would challenge you to explore whether financial pressure is causing you to labor more hours than you would like or taking on work that is lucrative but unmeaningful.

Is your life energy dissipating to earn money for what might be unsustainable expenses?

In the week ahead, track your work hours—both clinical and administrative—because in a later post, I will take you through a related Physician Empowerment concept: Your Hourly Rate.