You’re trading more than just time for money

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Typically, I describe time as the most important asset in our lives. But earlier this year, I interviewed Dr. Vu Kiet Tran on the Primary Medicine Podcast and he blew me away.

Vu Kiet highlighted that we are trading more than just time for money. We are spending our life energy.

Looking through this lens, we need to be asking ourselves whether a given use of our personal energy is worth it.

Will this trade be something that adds to the fulfillment in our lives or will it leave us feeling diminished?

Some activities are obvious:

  • Exercise and healthy eating will add to one’s energy
  • Time spent ruminating on the past or in conflict with others dissipates us

Many things, however, are less clear and require some reflection.

The practice of medicine can be deeply rewarding as it is both intellectually stimulating and provides us with the opportunity to serve others.

But there are many stressors—decision fatigue, long hours, the weight of the responsibility we carry—that can leave us feeling sapped of life’s energy.

Where are you on this spectrum in your career? Is your current workload and practice focus where you want it to be?


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