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A self-care question for physicians

Apr 21, 2022

Previously, I asserted that physician wellness must go beyond simply managing burnout.

We should be striving for personal growth and happiness regardless of what life throws at us.

This can involve the “Doing More” activities such as sleep and exercise.

But “Doing Less” is even more crucial to thriving.

Fundamentally, physicians are overworked and stressed out—and our own survey data supports this.

So, “Doing Less” means reducing clinical and administrative hours.

And in our personal lives, this can include stepping back from volunteering or obligations to family and friends.

But this is extremely difficult in reality.

As a profession, we’re highly conscientious and put the needs of others ahead of ourselves.

So let me challenge you with this thought:

If you were your own patient, would you advise yourself to work less and focus on more self-care?