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Managing physician burnout with self-care

Mar 24, 2022

At Physician Empowerment, resiliency isn’t just about managing burnout.

We aim for a higher goal.

Over the course of our careers, we should be enjoying personal growth and more happiness irrespective of practice environment or pay.

One key strategy we explore in our small groups and conference events is the notion of “Doing More” activities.

These are the small, everyday actions we can take to bring mindfulness and joy into a typical day–regardless of how we feel.

There is obviously more here than we can discuss in a few lines… But essentially “doing more” means adding something to your day just for you.

It can be exercise, journaling, watching a favorite movie, laughing with friends, or (gasp!) sleeping.

The next time you’re feeling stressed during a busy week, make time to do something special just for yourself and then see what it does for your mood.