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Team-building tip: How to foster buy-in

Apr 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered why some teams are so cohesively gelled and dedicated, where everyone puts in 110% while working so seamlessly together?

And why are so many other teams (maybe even yours) so dysfunctional where everyone is demotivated, deflated, and disjointed?

The surprising fact is the high output team isn’t necessarily paid more or incentivized. What it means is the rewards have to be internal. Essentially, the entire team has bought in to their collective dream, goal or purpose.

It’s like the Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese culture. For the team to win, they must listen to the same drummer and row in unison. These team members have a full buy-in to the collective cause.

What are the prerequisites for this total buy-in to happen?

  • There must be a worthwhile collective cause, goal, or dream (vision)
  • Someone has to sell that vision
  • The vision needs to be sufficiently and effectively communicated to each and every team member
  • Each member must understand their respective role and contribution within the big picture
  • Everyone needs quantifiable and measurable feedback for their effort

Today’s call to action is to do exactly that for your own team.