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Team-building secret: Stop the revolving door

Apr 28, 2022

Have you seen places where workers get hired and fired so often it’s like a revolving door?

Worse yet, managers come and go every few months. Imagine the chaos!

Years ago, a certain US football team was stuck at the bottom of the league. The resident coach kept firing or trading off the players every season. Finally, the players had simply had it. They teamed up with the owners. The result? The coach was fired! The new coach slowly rebuilt the team’s morale, leading them to become top-notch again.

So, if you as the owner, chief, or superior have been getting rid of people for never performing up to par, maybe the next one to fire is the one in the mirror!

Seriously, regardless of background, personality or skill sets, your team members have so much to offer, especially if they starkly differ from you or are even your total opposite.

If no one’s ever “measured up” in your team consistently, it’s time for a check-up from the neck up:

  1. How would my subordinates describe my leadership style?
  2. Do they follow me only because they have to (vs want to)?
  3. Do they know, understand, and buy into the “why” or greater purpose of what they’re supposed to do?
  4. Do they feel valued or appreciated by my comments or responses to them?