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Stop letting worry dominate your life

Jul 08, 2021

In an earlier posting, I explored how time in the most precious asset in our lives.

None of us is getting our youth or years back. Yet we lose countless hours consumed with fear.

What I have come to realize when I look back on my own years is how much of my life was spent needlessly worrying. In fact, some of the things that used to keep me up at nights - parenting, money, training goals, and others - are now faint memories.

I feel silly for even having dwelt on such things. All the supposedly “stressful” years of my life are, in retrospect, happy ones filled with a growing family and educational milestones.

So, when today’s worries begin to catch up with me, I perform this basic mental exercise:

What joyful moments in life am I missing right now as I worry? Will I even remember this problem a year from now?

The reason I ask myself these questions is that I’ve gotten tired of letting fear consume the most precious resource in my life – my time.

Going through this exercise allows me to put my fears into the proper context.

And when I need an extra boost, I am reminded the Legacy Project and the incredible work this organization did to preserve the wisdom of older generations.