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Show gratitude to your mentors

Jan 06, 2022

Reflecting on my own life, I am profoundly grateful for the numerous mentors I have had. Folks who have taken the time to share their experiences and wisdom. 

What I learned from them has been key to who I am today. 

While I have worked hard to get where I am, much of the credit belongs to the incredible people in my life who have guided me along the way.

But in my younger years, I was brash, overworking, and failed to give enough recognition to my mentors. 

I try to do better now and this is my own quick list of tips on how to honor mentors in our lives:

  1. Internalize the fact that someone is your mentor. Whether you tell her or him this fact is less important than how the acknowledgment changes your verbal and nonverbal communication to convey the respect that is owed.
  2. Respect the limits of a mentor. She or he will not be an endless source of answers across your personal and professional life. They, like us, all have their own challenges and will become uncomfortable being the go-to person for all your issues. 
  3. Say thank you, not only for their time but for their wisdom. 
  4. Pick up the cheque. Whether you are flush or broke, honor the fact this person has given you some of their most precious asset—time—to help you.