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Put the “i” in team: Inclusivity

May 12, 2022

In order to feel a sense of belonging to a team, individuals often need to overcome an attitude of intolerance.

Some of the most successful physicians I know have spent years cultivating credibility through the consistent practice of professional competence, yet we all know another type of clinician earning a reputation for being aloof, conceited, arrogant—and at times too academic (there is more to life than charts, graphs, and p values).

For evidence-based science to truly impact our world, it must represent all of the people who live in our world.

In our medical world, this includes nurses, MOAs, receptionists, porters, custodians, ethicists, HR managers, health economists, and many more whom we often neglect to acknowledge as contributors to our success.

As physicians, we are well-trained in the science of medicine, but in order to embrace the “i” of artful inclusive team building, we must first move past the “I” thinking of indifference, incompetence, and intolerance.