Outsourcing Less and Getting Lost in Your Thoughts

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

Previously I explored how the affluence of a physician household can make life too easy for kids.

But there are negative effects on us too.

The pandemic forced us to dial back some of the outsourcing and I felt happier in unexpected ways:

I was more physically rested. As net cashflow improved, I worked fewer shifts and my patient volumes fell again this year – which left me feeling my best in years.

Interestingly too is that other, unrelated household costs also fell: Gone was much of the impulsive meal delivery, consumer purchases, and over-priced “service appointments” at the dealership.

At Physician Empowerment, we don’t talk just money, we talk hourly rates. By reducing costs, I was working fewer clinical hours (and using less of my life energy) to pay the bills.

But shouldn’t the extra work create its own fatigue?

Actually, it didn’t.

Another realization I came to in this process is that much of the exhaustion of medicine isn’t the just long hours or shifts, it is the cognitive and emotional load.

So, as I spent this year working chores with our kids - talking and laughing – I felt relaxed and energized.

Doing these tasks alone, I had time to reflect on my own life and where I’m headed.

This week, I encourage you to live with intention and create more of these moments for yourself.


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