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Leading with civility – part 4 of 4

Nov 25, 2021

(This is the final post in a series on the topic of civility.)

The ultimate test of leadership: if your authority, title, or rank were taken away, would your subordinates still follow you?

It’s true with:

  • Your patients—wonder why they refuse to comply with your evidence-based treatment advice?
  • Your staff—wonder why they fail to comprehend the importance of your orders?
  • Your spouse—wonder why, even when you win the argument, you lose the relationship?
  • Your kids—wonder why they’d sometimes “purposefully” defy your instructions, even to their detriment?
  • Your mentees—wonder why they tune out or argue when you share your seasoned professional insights and secrets?

The fact is:

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

Reflection of the day: 

When was the last time you openly praised, thanked, appreciated, recognized, or rewarded your staff, or celebrated success with them? Or cherished them for who they are or what they’ve done?

How will you express your genuine concern, interest, or care for each individual on your team today?

Imagine: how cohesive, focused, and productive your team would be if each one of them felt they were the team’s MVP (Most Valuable Player)? How would that impact patient care?

Maybe it’s time to do the same for your loved ones at home!

Your colleague,

Dr. Wing Lim