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Is it really a crisis?

Nov 04, 2021

Dear {{first_name}},

Earlier this year, Dr. Yatin Chadha interviewed me for his podcast Beyond MD.

The topic was real estate but one of my best stories was “lumbar puncture night”.

I shared how I worked an incredibly busy night shift in the ER with a flight booked the next morning. But shortly after finishing work (and on the way to the airport), I got a call from one of my tenants saying the suite above hers was leaking water through the ceiling.


This was obviously a big problem.

But was it really a crisis?

I got through that mess by falling back on a familiar technique we all use in medicine: triage.

While I immediately began to worry about the disruption to my elderly tenant and potential costs of clean-up, I paused and reminded myself that this wasn’t a true emergency.

No one was injured or dying. I had good insurance and great team in place to handle repairs.

I reviewed the damage but then hopped on that flight without a second thought.

The next time you are faced with a “crisis” – be it at work or your private life – fall back on that great training of ours.

Stop and remind yourself what is really important in the situation and then act without letting worry consume you. 

Was there a time when you successfully practiced triage outside of a medical setting? You can simply reply to this email if you have anything to share with me.

Your colleague,

Dr. Kevin Mailo


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