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How physicians can invest in well-being

Mar 10, 2022

Within our careers, we shouldn’t just be surviving. We need to be thriving.

And that means daily and long-term investments in our personal well-being.

Medicine is inherently stressful. But by prioritizing ourselves daily, burnout can become less frequent and less severe.

This involves a personal exploration of our personal, financial, and practice lives.

  • A short-term action might be as simple as dropping a clinical day to make time for rest and exercise.
  • Long-term resiliency strategies involve concrete steps to financial security. And with a strong passive income and low debts, a deliberate plan to step back from administrative or clinical duties.

This ensures that when we are on the job, we are performing at our best throughout our careers.

But most importantly, it ensures we are at our happiest.

Life is simply too short for anything less.