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Good health has an expiry date—choose happiness right now

May 05, 2022

As busy physicians, our careers are defined by delayed gratification.

Years of my training were spent looking toward the next milestone.

Graduating med school turned into finishing residency, and all the while I was telling myself that “I’ll be happy when...”

Fast forward to present times, and here I am, advising practicing physicians on the verge of burnout on how to get to their next milestone: a stress-free retirement that is still decades away from their reach.

Life has to be better. And it has to be better now.

This outlook is what inspired my friend and his husband to reconsider the way they invested their sizable household income.

By relying on the certainties of compound growth to cushion their finances, my friends no longer have to worry about their financial interests.

There is no crystal ball to tell us how many years of good health we have left, but I can share two simple tips that helped my friends be instantly rewarded:

  1. Spend money and time on having fun
  2. Invest in your tomorrow by saving today

My friends chose the immediate gratification of financial wellness over decades of stressful worrying about an imaginary retirement.

Shouldn’t we all strive to achieve this milestone?