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From mending weakness to fostering strength

Aug 26, 2021

Many of us grew up heeding criticisms and corrections from superiors while downplaying praises (lest it go to our heads).

As such, we gravitate towards negative comments on ourselves.

Studies on work evaluations have shown that employees recall more negative comments than positive ones, in the ratio of 4:1. We can probably recall all the feedback and countless rebukes on how we underperformed during our long, gruesome training days.

But we’re not referring to basic levels of competency for safe practice here—in real life, many shortcomings are more personality-based than aptitude-based.

Research has shown that focusing on mending one’s weaknesses seldom yields impressive bottom-line returns compared to companies focusing on identifying and fostering employee strengths.

We as medical professionals already have very high intrinsic standards; atop numerous professional evaluations, peer reviews, and public scrutiny, we ourselves are the worst critics.

Maybe it’s time to take a positive inventory of your strengths and celebrated traits.

What are your true dominant gifts versus weaknesses?

What areas of weakness can you delegate to someone else?