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From default to design

Jun 17, 2021

“Life either happens by design or default. You choose.” - Bob Proctor

Over the last few decades, I’ve come to embrace and believe this concept to be true in life, especially when it comes to medical practice.

Think about your work hours per week. Your call schedule. Your remuneration. The various taxes you have to pay. The scope of your practice. The physical layout of your clinic. The extent of staff support, the utility of your EMR—etc., etc., etc.

Some of these you have control of; others you don’t. But guaranteed, these crucial factors have been pre-designed by someone—either by you or someone else. And there is certainly no shortage of “Big Brothers” who are more than ready to helicopter in, pin you down, and “help” you manage your professional (and indirectly, your personal) life.

If someone led a rebellion or revolution against all my practice restraints, what would I wish for them to accomplish and change? What would I do to bring these changes?