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From fear to faith

Jul 15, 2021

Fear is an innate instinct to protect us from danger, but it can also be a learnt or conditioned response to less harmful situations (e.g., heights, public speaking, social settings).

Fear of the unknown is a powerful deterrent and roadblock to the path of greatness, personally and professionally.

FEAR equals False Evidence Appearing Real.

With closer examination and confrontation, a lot of such irrational emotions can be chased away like dark shadows in bright light.

How does fear paralyze us? It’s a mental process where our minds fast-forward the worst scenarios, playing them right now.

What about faith? It’s a mental process where our minds fast-forward the best scenarios, playing them right now.

In essence, fear and faith are the same mental process, just one being negative and the other positive. So why is fear so much more prevalent than faith?

It has to do with our natural bend towards negativity versus positivity—like saying “it’s too good to be true” instead of “it’s too bad to be true”! The deliberate choice to dwell on the most desirable outcomes and act accordingly is what constitutes a leap of faith.

Next time when you’re at a quandary frozen by fear, go against the grain and boldly choose to broadcast in your mind the best possible outcome—and act in that direction!