Practice your best medicine AND protect your financial future.

Perfecting the Business of Medical Practice. 

This complimentary mini-course will teach you how to transform your practice into a business that WORKS FOR YOU.


My name is Dr. Wing Lim, and I am a family physician based in Western Canada.

We all spent many years learning how best to treat our patients and keep on top of the latest developments in our respective specialties.

So, why did no-one ever take the time to teach us about the BUSINESS of medicine?


As a fresh grad in 1993, I did my best to actualize my dream of being an exemplary family physician. I put in the 100-hour weeks while my wife helped me run the practice and our household. By the end of my first year, I didn’t even have enough money to pay taxes. Though busy, I had a high turnover of patients due to an unfit receptionist that turned patients off with her lack of professionalism and faced eviction when a new landlord acquired our building.


And this was all just YEAR ONE!


There would be many more painful lessons to come. But, instead of retreating from these challenges, I embraced them, teaching myself the critical elements of Practice Management and evolving my practice to align with my professional and personal goals more closely.


This fresh outlook and understanding of the principles behind the business of medicine transformed my practice from that of the “lone wolf” to founding one of the largest medical clinics in Alberta.


How do we make sure our practice is functioning as well as it can in providing medical advice and treatment as well as a being a profitable business?

It is possible to be practicing the best medicine of your career while also having a successful business that protects your financial future.

This short mini-course, I’ll teach you several of the business strategies and tactics I used to go from a struggling solo practitioner working 100+ hour weeks to now being the founder of a thriving clinic with 37 physicians and 50,000 patients.

Perfecting the Business of Medical Practice.

Shift your mindset toward the way of thinking that allows your most successful colleagues to thrive.


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