Physician Empowerment LIVE

Wealth Creation & Financial Security for Busy Physicians

JUNE 3-5, 2022 in TORONTO, ON


Speakers & Topics



Dr. Yatin Chadha

beyond MD Podcast

TITLE Finance & Beyond: Arrival Fallacy & Focusing on what we can Control 

ABSTRACT I will discuss the "arrival fallacy", why it is so prevalent in medicine, ways to overcome it, and how it impacts our personal, professional and financial lives. We will also discuss the components of personal finance that are within our control, and why our energy should be focused here, rather than the noise. Tax efficiency will be discussed. 

Dr. Mamta Gautam

PEAK MD - "The Doctor's Doctor"

TITLE The Power of Resilience  

ABSTRACT Stress is inherent in medicine. The pandemic has brought additional change, uncertainty and complexity. While these issues need to be addressed at the system level where they originate, enhancing personal resilience offers us the power, strength, and protection to confront them. We will define a framework, the 5 C’s for Resilience, and offer practical strategies to help colleagues to implement this and manage their stress effectively, both in their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Paul Healey

Physician Financial Independence

TITLE Five Years of Peeking Backstage: What I've Learned About Physicians and Their Finances  

ABSTRACT Physicians are intelligent hard-working people who understand their fields but struggle with personal finance. For the past 5 years running the PFI discussion group, I've been able to see the cognitive biases, fears, and successes of physicians up close. What works and what doesn't? What can you learn from others in your own quest to be wealthier and happier?

Dr. Wing Lim

Physician Empowerment

TITLE Roadmap to Financial Freedom  

ABSTRACT In stories and legends, there are often secret paths fraught with dangers, traps, and perils along the way to the hidden treasure. But in the treacherous financial jungle of real life, are there such shortcuts to Financial Freedom, the elusive destiny? Come join the escapade and find out for yourself!


WORKSHOP Developing a Wealth Mentality  

ABSTRACT Becoming wealthy is not a matter of sheer luck or talent. Like medicine, there are reproducible know-hows, skill sets, and protocols to follow. More fundamentally, what shapes the discipline is the philosophy and thinking patterns behind the scene, which is why we physicians spent so many years apprenticing under various great clinicians. Developing a Wealth Mentality will change your financial destiny forever!


Dr. Kevin Mailo

Physician Empowerment

TITLE "Why?" Is the Most Important Question You Need to Be Asking About Your Finances.  


In the first part, we will examine the long-term challenges and strengths of the physician financial model as they relate to our personal and practice lives. In the second part, I will highlight the benefits of incorporation in the creation of intergenerational wealth. Lastly, we will explore the power of dreams to bring focus to our finances and careers.


WORKSHOP The Transformative Power of Real Estate   


IA detailed exploration of the many benefits of owning real estate and how powerful it can be toward creating intergenerational wealth. Discover different investing options that fit the careers and lifestyles of busy physicians.

Dr. Dimitre Ranev

The Primary Medicine Podcast

TITLE Lessons Learned After Over a Decade of Being Invested in the Stock Market  

ABSTRACT Dimitre will share lessons he has learned over the last 15 years of being a DYI investor. He will provide practical and clear examples of strategies busy physicians can use to take better control of their investments.

Dr. Mark Soth

The Loonie Doctor

TITLE Building A Diversified Portfolio That Is Fee, Tax, and Time-Efficient 

ABSTRACT You can’t control market returns. However, you can minimize the fees and taxes that take a bite out of them. Learn about the blocks used to build a diversified portfolio that is fee and tax efficient. Match the options to the complexity and time investment that best suits you.

Investing Foundations for Financial Freedom Instead of Fancy Feast  

ABSTRACT Learn the foundations of why we invest and the key concepts that we must master whether we invest on our own or hire an advisor. We must use an evidence-informed, data-driven, approach to invest (not gamble), minimize fees and maximize returns, and balance investment versus behavioural risk to ensure we have financial freedom and avoid eating Fancy Feast.

Dr. Vu Kiet Tran

How's My Financial Health, Doc? Podcast

TITLE The Link Between Financial Literacy and Burnout  

ABSTRACT Often we read articles that try to study the causes of physician burnout. While many reasons partially explain physician burnout, none of them ever mention financial challenges. And yet, physicians, like everyone else on this planet, have financial obligations that need to be met. Financial obligations and needs lead to decisions and actions that are detrimental to our health. But yet, we, as physicians, do not recognize them. Unless we acknowledge that financial stress is a cause of burnout, we will never cure it.

No More Pension Envy 

ABSTRACT We have all heard of major pension programs like the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund, OMERS, HOOP, and the Canadian Army Pension Plan. As independent contractors to the government, physicians, like many self-employed professionals, envy those public servants who enjoy a pension plan. A pension represents a very attractive retirement safety net. But as self-employed professionals, we can only window shop until now! There is no more need to envy. In fact, physicians can have it better. Learn how.

Dr. Michael Warner


TITLE Mitigate MD Burnout with a Solid Financial Foundation 

ABSTRACT Financial pressure can exacerbate physician burnout. To continue to enjoy clinical medicine without feeling pressure to maximize income via the fee-for-service treadmill I have focused on Five Keys to a Solid Financial Foundation: (1) planning ahead, (2) diversifying income streams, (3) recognizing and marketing your best asset, (4) growing your network, and (5) pivoting your plan as opportunities arise.


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