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Physician Empowerment Program Overview 


You will earn 16.0 MainPro+ credits for coursework.

In addition, we will show you how to possibly earn up to 80.0 additional credits through 'Linking Learning' exercises.

The Physician Empowerment program focuses on two core themes:

Practice Management and Physician Wellness & Resilience.


With Dr. Kevin Mailo

May 15th: You Are More Than An Empty Vessel 

  • “What, Burnout? Not me!”
    Understand the underlying prevalence and causes of personal and professional burnout. Learn to identify and prevent burnout by incorporating measures into your practice.
  • The Spillover Effect: Work-Life Balance
  • Understand the relationship between one’s personal professional lives. Learn to recognize the significance of personal and professional boundaries. Extrapolate the consequences of failed boundaries and how to manage.
  • “Physician Heal Thyself”
    Learn how to self-assess for burnout and the formal methods of treatment. Determine your own unique needs in the setting of burnout prevention and treatment.
  • You Are More than an Empty Vessel!
    Identify key sources of your personal and professional resilience. Learn immediate and long-term strategies to replenish your resilience.

May 16th: Why Your Dreams Matter

  • Mindfulness Applied
    Affirm the importance of mindful engagement in professional and home life. Understand how mindfulness relates to your thoughts, communication, and reactions to others and how to incorporate mindfulness into your practice and social dynamic.
  • Living and Practicing with Intention 
    Learn how circumstances trigger certain thoughts and emotions. These subjective feelings drive your decisions and outcomes. Learn to use Intention-based thinking to manage “out of control” situations and resolve others’ differing goals.
  • Strategies for “Time-broke” Clinicians
    Learn to differentiate between Event Control and Time Control. Learn to prioritize clinical, administrative, and personal tasks to achieve higher goals.
  • Why Your Dreams Matter
    Recognize the importance of dreams and ambitions in bringing focus to your professional life. Assess your own priorities to return to a sense of intentionality and balance.
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With Dr. Wing Lim

May 29th: The Ideal Practice  

  • The Ideal Practice
    Our theoretical Ideals upon graduation usually do not get realized in real-life practices; defining our personal ideals is crucial in ensuring practice satisfaction & performance.
  • Health Economics 101
    “What is not taught in Med School could ruin us”—to examine how the almighty dollar drives the healthcare system & dictates our everyday practice.
  • Occult Core Value Conflicts
    How the 5 hidden Core Value Conflicts affect every practice: The Visionary vs. Manager, The Romantic vs. Pragmatic, The Altruistic vs. Scrooge, The Clinician vs. Businessperson, Me vs. We.
  • Process-Engineering Your Practice 
    Using Process Engineering philosophy, the “Access Improvement Measures” curriculum critically examines the actual workflow in each visit to minimize waste & maximize productivity.

May 30th: Process-Engineering Your Practice

  • Modern Mythology in Everyday Practice 
    Bitten by the “Entrepreneurial Bug,” the MD, trained as a Technician suddenly aspires to be a Businessperson, equipped with high hopes but little know-how, thus facing the onslaught of the challenges of everyday practice—reflection on common trip points most MDs face, & fundamental attributes needed for success.
  • Process-Engineering Your Practice Using Process Engineering philosophy, the “Access Improvement Measures” curriculum critically examines the actual work flow in each visit to minimize waste & maximize productivity
  • True Medical Leadership
    Leadership needs to be developed, like muscles, but not on Steroid pills. Proper understanding of the chemistry of leadership = crucial in any organization's performance; Exploration of the 5 levels of leadership learn the 5 Levels of Leadership and the metamorphosis process between each step.
  • Financial Literacy & CBE
    Grasp the fundamentals of Financial Literacy in your personal life and practice. Learn how to explore your own path of Continuous Business Education (CBE) in pursuit of practice and financial optimization. 
  • The One Big Idea
    Taken from the book Good to Great, the overlapping zone of the 3 circles: Core Competency, Deep Passion & Economic Engine = secret of a great practice.