Physician Empowerment Mastermind

Expect Big Things

An exclusive community of physicians dedicated to excellence in practice management, personal finance, and personal wellness.

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Peer to Peer 

Facilitated by practicing physicians who walk the walk and are passionate about supporting their peers. 

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Optimized Life 

Build your successful practice without sacrificing your own emotional, physical, and financial well-being in the process. 

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Earn Valuable CME

MainPro+ Credits from the College of Family Physicians of Canada via Linked Learning.

Who Should Apply?

Does this describe you?

  • Practicing Physician

  • Practice Owner or Entrepreneur 

  • Financially Ambitious

  • Work-Life Balance a Priority

If you're 4/4, then this program is for you!

Your Group Leaders 

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Dr. Kevin Mailo

Dr. Kevin Mailo is an emergency physician based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He is known for his highly engaging teaching style that breaks down complex topics into memorable experiences.

Kevin cares deeply about the long-term wellness of the medical profession and wants to see physicians and their families succeed personally and financially.

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Dr. Wing Lim

Apart from his clinical & teaching roles, Dr. Wing Lim has extensive experience in Practice Management and Business Development. 

Dr. Lim is passionate in sharing his extensive knowledge & experience (both clinical & business) with others in various settings, from his clinic mentoring younger colleagues, to churches, senior groups, ethnic functions, radio broadcasts, retreats, seminars and national conferences.

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This unique and high-value program was designed to provide you with everything you need to create your success.


  • A monthly 90-minute group discussion
  • Guided conversations to keep you inspired and your business moving forward
  • Optional "Hot Seating" if you need help getting unstuck


  • A monthly 1:1, 15-minute check-in call or email exchange with Dr. Mailo or Dr. Lim
  • Personalized follow up on progress by text or email to offer encouragement and support


  • Peer learning environment 
  • Committed to the success of each member 
  • Cross-pollination of ideas and strategies 
  • In-person gatherings

Our No-Risk Guarantee


If you decide, within 90 days of registration, that this program is not for you, we'll refund your membership fees. 

If you don't love it, you won't have lost a cent!

Apply Now


The Founding cohort of the Physician Empowerment Mastermind Program is now full. If you would like to be involved in our next cohort, please apply below (there is no cost to apply).

Mastermind Application

Kevin will reach out to you soon via email to schedule a time to discuss how the Mastermind program can help you achieve your goals.


Contact Kevin at 780 802 9004 or [email protected]