Are you a practicing physician struggling to find a healthy balance in your life?

"YOU" as the most important investment

This complimentary mini-course will teach you how top-performing physicians create thriving practices while freeing up more time for their family. 


My name is Dr. Kevin Mailo,
I'm an emergency medicine physician in Western Canada.

Dr. Kevin Mailo is an emergency physician based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He obtained his MD at the University of Alberta in 2010, Family Medicine residency at McMaster in 2012, and then returned to the University of Alberta for his fellowship in Emergency Medicine, which he completed in 2013. Since then, he has practiced community and rural Emergency Medicine. Before his clinical career, Kevin started as an educator in 2003 when he was a globally ranked instructor with a major test prep company. Over the years, he has taught in front of hundreds through various programs and podcasted to thousands over the Primary Medicine Podcast, which he co-founded in 2014. He currently holds a Clinical Lectureship with the University of Alberta and regularly supervises residents and medical students on shift. He is known for his highly engaging teaching style that breaks down complex topics into memorable experiences.


Throughout this journey, Kevin has been with his incredible wife, Dr. Janette Mailo, who is a Pediatric Neurologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta. Together, they graduated medical school with their first two children, had a third in residency, and a fourth in practice. Having managed 200-hour workweeks and enormous student loans, they know the importance of personal finance, time management and outsourcing to achieve work-life balance. In addition to busy careers and family life, they continue to expand their sizeable and growing real estate investment portfolio. Kevin cares deeply about the long-term wellness of the medical profession and wants to see physicians and their families succeed personally and financially.


My wife, Janette, is a pediatric neurologist. We met before medical school, had our first two children in school, a third in residency and fourth shortly after she entered practice. We have moved across the country three separate times over the past 15 years to pursue our careers. Our youngest child had four different mailing addresses before her second birthday.

We graduated with over $300,000 in student loans.

In short, I've been there. My wife and I know the struggle well of trying to balance our ambitions as physicians with the desire to have a large family and financial stability.

Janette and I were the first "guinea pigs" for these strategies and tactics, and over the years, I have had the chance to share them with many more of our colleagues through the Physician Empowerment Program.

Though it certainly didn’t happen overnight, by taking the time to study how other physicians and businesspeople achieve work/life balance, I have pieced together this short program for you.

Practicing What We Preach

I'm happy to share that they continue to allow my wife and me a happy and healthy home life while we practice the best medicine of our careers and have delivered the same results for our program participants.


As Canadian physicians, we go through long hours and enormous stress.  

It’s rare that we step back and evaluate the big picture.

Am I doing my best medicine?

How are my relationships with my spouse/partner, children, colleagues? 

Am I reaching my financial goals?

Am I Happy?

"We were both completely blown away with the course content and delivery. Your bluntness, honesty, and sharing aspects of your lives were inspiring, entertaining and resonated with both of us. "

Dr. A. Henderson
Sudbury, Ontario

"Kevin brings a much-needed perspective on physician financial management... He delivers in an entertaining, easy to understand manner. His message is free of bias and easy to execute."

Dr. S. Gupta
Edmonton, Alberta

"When it comes to mine or my family's interests, I cannot think of anyone other than Kevin, who I will trust with my eyes closed!"

Dr. K. Jahangir
Edmonton, Alberta

You can have BOTH a thriving practice as well as a happy and healthy home life.

This short mini-course, You as the Most Important Investment, offers you a chance to reflect on some of those questions. More importantly, I share some of the strategies and tactics that I have learned over the years to improve on your desired outcomes. 

"YOU" as the Most Important Investment

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